Event Motivation

This workshop aims to present the latest developments and worldwide border results at the interface between nonlinear analysis, variational calculation and topology, including their interactions with other areas of mathematics and highlighting new research directions. The main purpose of the Workshop is to bring together worldwide known name in this field in order to present current issues and state research, study day event in dialogue and collaboration opportunities to presents to graduate students and young researchers the research opportunities, to have interaction with renowned researchers for a continuous process of quality research.

Tematics Approach

The theme of this workshop is at the interface to core areas of mathematics, with numerous applications in many problems and models appearing on Information Theory, Economics, Engineering Sciences, and so on, the approach is one of interface between pure and applied mathematics. Scientific event aims to address topics of current interest in the area of ??variational calculus and PDE, ODE and PDE topological methods for analysis of convex variational inequalities, generalized differentiability, bifurcation theory, however through the interface between pure mathematics and applied mathematics in order to present the current state of research, the results of internationally recognized name in the presented fields and dialogue with young researchers and PhD students in order to establish an organize framework for future collaborations, obtain new results that solve a variety of problems in applied sciences, according to a timetable agreed by the participants.

Event Relevance

The importance of this issue is illustrated by the fact that the organizer of the project organized a special issue of the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (position 33/277 between ISI journals classified in 2010 in the Mathematics section) around the theme "Degenerate and Singular Phenomena in Partial Differential equations and Mathematical Physics "and De Gruyter publishing house created a Journal around the issue (Advances in Nonlinear Analysis) to which he is editor, with over 50 visiting professor positions at universities abroad, world-renowned. Co-organizer is a globally recognized name in the field, was appointed Ambassador to the Slovenian science. Thematic and international recognition of guests is meant to lay the groundwork for future collaborations in areas of current mathematics. We quote here mathematician Peter Lax "Linearity breeds contempt" (Indeed, nonlinear problems are here to stay).