An Optimal Path Algorithm for Autonomous Searching Robots

Claudiu Popirlan, Mihai Dupac


Constructing architecture and generating optimal paths for autonomous robots are some of the heavily studied subjects in mobile agents applications. The aim of this paper is to find and analyze a optimal path algorithm for a group of autonomous robots using agent-based architecture in a virtual reality environment. The optimal path is determined by a heuristic approach, A-Star algorithm. The master-slave architecture control the communication between robots (slave agents) and the mobile agent (master). The robots communicate with the mobile agents to generate an optimal path (time and collision-free optimal path) by presenting all the subsequent trajectories while navigating among various obstacles. The results are conducted to show the effectiveness of the proposed architecture.


2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 68T99; Secondary 65D17.

Key words and phrases. Mobile Agents, Dynamic Modeling, Analysis, Virtual Reality, Visualization, Optimal Path.

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