Modern Techniques to Test the In Load Operation of a DC Motor with Separate Excitation Using an Acquisition and Data Processing System

Florica Novacescu, Daniel Velcea, Eugen Raduca


The utility of this paper is to experimentally determine the in load operation characteristics and the mechanic characteristic of a direct current engine through the use of an acquisition and data processing system. In this paper we proposed to check the operation process of a DC motor with separate excitation using an acquisition and data processing system, through which we determined the operation characteristics of this engine, because the operation process of the direct current engine with excitation derivation can be observed through the medium of the operation characteristics. Data acquisition involves gathering signals from measurement sources and digitizing the signal for storage, analysis, and presentation on a PC. Data acquisition (DAQ) systems come in many different PC technology forms for great exibility when choosing your system. Scientists and engineers can choose from PCI, PXI, PCI Express, PXI Express, PCMCIA, USB, Wireless and Ethernet data acquisition for test, measurement, and automation applications. There are five components to be considered when building a basic DAQ system: transducers and sensors, signals, signal conditioning, DAQ hardware, and driver and application software.

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