A new conic curve digital signature scheme with message recovery and without one-way hash functions

Nedal Mohammad Tahat


In this paper, we present an efficient digital signature scheme
with message reco\-very and without using any one-way hash
function and message redundancy. The new scheme is based on conic curve cryptography (CCC) that offers a very high level of security with a small key size. Obviously, the result is a low
computational cost and a clear saving in memory and bandwidth. The security of the new scheme is based on two hard problems, the
discrete logarithm on conic curve and factorization problem. It
provides higher level security than schemes based on a single hard
problem. We show in details that the proposed scheme does not
involve any modular exponentiation operation in all algorithms.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.52846/ami.v40i2.503