Non-domination sorting genetic algorithm II for optimization of Priestley-Taylor transpiration parameters

Abdhaq Moiuda, Nour Eddine Alaa


Optimization of Two Source Energy Model (TSEB) parameters according to different local environmental characteristics is more important to well predict surface turbulent uxes. To achieve such a target, multi-objective optimization methodology is a good approach inasmuch as several types of objective are minimized or maximized simultaneously. In this paper, this technique is implemented on a closed TSEB Model (Norman et al. 1995, Kustas et al. 1999). The main outputs of this model are the latent and sensible heats which are forming with Soil heat the total net radiation to surface. TSEB Model adaptation to semi-arid area was applying to enhance its performance. The Pareto optimization goal is to minimize latent and sensible heats Error while maximizing TSEB Model performance.

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