Minimax fractional programming problem with (p, r) - ρ - (η, θ) -invex functions

Ioan Stancu-Minasian, Andreea Madălina Stancu, Anurag Jayswal


In this paper, new classes of generalized (p, r) - ρ - (η, θ)-invex functions are introduced i.e., (p, r) - ρ - (η, θ)-quasi-invex and (strictly) (p, r) - ρ - (η, θ)-pseudo-invex functions. We focus on minimax fractional programming problem and establish suficient optimality conditions under the assumption of generalized (p, r) - ρ - (η, θ)-invexity. Weak, strong and strict converse duality theorems are also derived for two type of dual models related to minimax fractional programming problem involving aforesaid generalized invex functions.

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