Adapting the semantic cache for CMIS eXtent

Mihai Stancu, Florin Slabu


XML is the standard exchange format in web applications due to its portability and information exchange features. When applications communicate with each other or integrate information from several data sources, this standard is very useful. When considering a higher level application, the ECM Systems are the standard platforms for developing applications that manage all the unstructured electronic information inside an organization. CMIS is a new standard that unify the data exchange format between the existing ECM Systems. A new extension of this standard has been proposed to make possible the information exchange operations between ECM Systems and XML Databases. In this paper we try to enlarge the CMIS eXtent platform by adding a semantic cache module into the federated search applications. In this way, the CMIS eXtent can benefit from the advantages of the semantic cache systems.

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