All Things JavaScript

Learn why companies are choosing JavaScript as their technology stack to build applications because it can help them reduce man power, cut back on costs and iterate faster. And on top of it, one other major benefit is that it's open source and free to use.
Join us for a three part course on All Things JavaScript:

  • We'll talk about how JavaScript can be used to replace traditional programming languages for building different kinds of software applications.
  • Most of today's apps either mobile, desktop or IoT are connected to some cloud based server for persisting user data or using cloud computing to improve user experience so we have to talk a bit about web development. We'll see how Internet clients (browsers, mobile/desktop apps) communicate with backend cloud services and how JavaScript fits into the picture.
  • See it in action. After all this praise it's time to see some code. We'll use JavaScript to build a simple notes app that can be deployed to all platforms: web, IOS/Android and desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux). The app will use a server also built using JavaScript to sync notes across devices.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Dragos Sebestin

Trainer: Dragos Sebestin

PRO BST IT, Senior Software Developer

Coding Pro-Practices

This course will take attendees on an explorative journey of problem solving using software. As a programming language we'll be using is C++ 17. This language has a two-fold reputation, on one side for performance and efficiency but on the other for memory management issues and lack of libraries. Programming languages and libraries are only tools, and like all tools, it is up to those using them to do so in an efficient manner, to understand their applicability and limitations.

Difficulty: intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Gabriel Diaconita

Trainer: Gabriel Diaconita

Caphyon, Senior Developer

Curry On Functional Programming

In this workshop we'll analyze a bunch of FP techniques and see how they help make our code shorter, clearer and faster, by embracing a declarative vs. an imperative style. Brace yourselves for a bumpy ride including composition, lifting, currying, partial application, pure functions, maybe even pattern matching and lazy evaluation.

Difficulty: intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Victor Ciura

Trainer: Victor Ciura

Caphyon, Technical Lead

HTML, CSS & JS in the Real World

In this workshop, we will cover the basics to get you going on using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After that, you'll hopefully want to spend more time nitpicking and criticizing a site or web application when you see one. Because doing real work is hard.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Catalin Rosu

Trainer: Catalin Rosu

Caphyon, Front-end Developer

Java vs Python: Coding Deathmatch

You will learn what is a REST API, how and why to create one with both Python and Java, how to deploy it and how to manage different coding situations.
In the aftermath of this session, you will find which one fits you better, when to use one or another and how to get the most out of both of them.

Difficulty: intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Andrei Zuica

Trainer: Andrei Zuica

Caphyon, Full Stack Developer

OOP Techniques in a Simple Game

Get started with object oriented programming in a fun and entertaining way by creating a simple sprite based game using the Cocos2D framework. In the course we will use C++, the gaming industry standard.

Difficulty: beginner

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Radu Albastroiu

Trainer: Radu Albastroiu

Caphyon, Software Developer

REST in Node.JS at the React & Angular SPA

In cadrul cursului vor fi abordate urmatoarele subiecte:

  • Fundamentele web
  • Servicii REST in Node.js
  • Notiuni de baza React
  • Solutia React
  • Notiuni de baza Angular
  • Angular in practica

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Format: 6 courses ~ 2h

Trainers: Cosmin Voicu, Octavian Marculescu, Gabriel Paunica

NetRom Software, Senior Software Developers

Sneak Peek Into Next Level QA (Test Automation)

Even the most conscientious tester will make mistakes during monotonous manual testing. Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed and never forget to record detailed results.
FREE yourself from manual testing, and gain more time to create new automated software tests and deal with complex features.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Format: 2 courses ~ 2h

Antonio Valent

Trainer: Antonio Valent

Caphyon, Web Developer

Windows App Development with .NET WPF

In this course, we will learn how to create and improve a desktop application using .NET WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).
The lecture covers the importance of continuously improving your code and software architecture. More than that, we will show you how to do it. Let's discover together the design pattern that stands behind the WPF Framework and how to use modern tools to create a better product.

Difficulty: beginner-intermediate

Format: 2 courses ~ 2h

Traineri: Ionut Enache si Horatiu Prica

Caphyon, Software Developer

You'll Neversea Algorithms Like These

Is the performance still relevant in these days when the hardware is becoming more and more efficient and the computation costs goes down?

Now you can even use computation services without bothering of managing physical hardware, is there any reason why you should think about the performance and efficiency?

I'll give you two reasons why you should think twice before you'll choose to implement a naive solution instead of a natural algorithmical approach.

Difficulty: intermediate

Format: 3 courses ~ 2h

Telechi Nicolae

Trainer: Nicolae Telechi

Caphyon, Senior Software Developer