Vol 30 (2003)

No. 2 : Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

An existence result for homoclinic solutions for a linear ordinary differential equation of second order PDF
Cezar Avramescu, Cristian Vladimirescu 22-27
Stochastic properties of a learning algorithm based on an aggregation operator PDF
Petrica Badea 28-33
GBS operators of Schurer-Stancu type PDF
Dan Barbosu 34-39
The limit cycle of the unforced Rayleigh system PDF
Petre Bazavan 40-47
MV -algebra of fractions relative to an ∧-closed system PDF
Dumitru Busneag, Dana Piciu 48-53
Lukasiewicz-Moisil algebra of fractions relative to an ∧-closed system PDF
Florentina Chirtes 54-58
The agreement of the common key PDF
Nicolae Constantinescu 59-65
The Reticulation of a Heyting Algebra PDF
Christina Theresia Dan 66-70
Building super-additive manifolds PDF
Ileana Diamandescu, Adrian Duma 71-84
Hammerstein equations in nonreflexive Banach spaces PDF
Adrian Duma, Cristian Vladimirescu 85-89
A frictionless contact problem with adhesion between two elastic bodies PDF
Nacerdine Hemici, Andaluzia Matei 90-99
A representation of an uncertain body of evidence PDF
Ion Iancu 100-108
General properties of the symmetric groupoid of a finite set PDF
Mihai Ivan 109-119
An algebraic topology approach of multidimensional data management based on membrane computing PDF
Cristian Kevorchian 120-125
Existence of solutions to a class of second order differential inclusions PDF
Vasile Lupulescu 126-132
A polynomial interpolation algorithm for estimating a numerical function PDF
Romulus Militaru 133-139