Vol 31 (2004)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

Boolean BL- algebra of fractions PDF
Dumitru Busneag, Dana Piciu 1-19
A note on LMn - algebras of fractions PDF
Florentina Chirtes 20-27
Fuzzy L-partitions generated by fuzzy L-sets PDF
Lavinia Ciungu 28-34
Derivatives with respect to the perturbations of a domain PDF
Daniela Inoan 35-42
A necessary optimality condition for quasiconvex functions on closed convex sets PDF
Abdessamad Jaddar, Youssef Jabri 43-46
Characterization of continuous pseudoconvex functions' extrema PDF
Abdessamad Jaddar, Youssef Jabri 47-50
Some remarks on quadratic differentials on Klein surfaces PDF
Peter Kessler, Monica Rosiu 51-58
Die Barnette'sche Vermutung und die Grinberg'sche Formel PDF
Andre Krooss 59-65
Connexions projectives. Directiones modernes d'etude PDF
Gheorghe Murarescu 66-73
Dedekind groupoids for posets PDF
Gina Petre 74-78
About the generalization of Voronovskaja?s theorem PDF
Ovidiu T. Pop 79-84
Existence of parabolic orbits for the restricted three-body problem PDF
Chouhaid Souissi 85-93
Quelques classes des varietes metriques a 3-structures presque de contact PDF
T. Tshikuna-Matamba 94-101
Estimating Pr(X/Y C) for two power distribution PDF
Ion Vladimirescu, Adrian Iasinschi 102-108
Classifcation and comparison of information structures from a web page PDF
Mirel Cosulschi, Nicolae Constantinescu, Mihai Gabroveanu