Vol 34 (2007)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

Fuzzy ideals of K-algebras PDF
Muhammad Akram, Karamat H. Dar 11-20
Valuations on residuated lattices PDF
Catalin Busneag 21-28
On perfect pseudo-BCK algebras with pseudo-product PDF
Lavinia Corina Ciungu 29-42
Ostrowski Type Inequalities on Time Scales PDF
Cristian Dinu 43-58
On the forms of continuity for fuzzy functions PDF
Erdal Ekici 58-65
On Fuzzy P-Continuous Functions PDF
Erdal Ekici 66-71
On the Glivenko-Frink theorem for Hilbert algebras PDF
Sergiu Rudeanu 72-77
Some properties of the operation x u y = (x -> y) -> ((y -> x) -> x) in a Hilbert algebra PDF
Dan Dorin Tascau 78-81
Some estimates on the Hermite-Hadamard inequality through quasi-convex functions PDF
Daniel Alexandru Ion 82-87
The choice of the attribute selection measure in Decision Tree induction PDF
Laviniu Aurelian Badulescu 88-93
Authentication ranks with identities based on elliptic curves PDF
Nicolae Constantinescu 94-99
Manifolds and Symplectic Manifolds Trajectories Generation and Visualization PDF
Mihai Dupac 100-106
The Knowledge Domain of an Hierarchical Distributed System Determines its Architecture PDF
Mihaela Ghindeanu 107-114
A Mobile Agents approach for 3D elastic medium modeling and visualization PDF
Claudiu Popirlan, Mihai Dupac 115-123
Relational reinforcement learning: A logic programming based approach PDF
Mircea Preda 124-132
Evaluation of an ADSL Established Link Using Traffic Generators PDF
Gabriel Stoian 133-138