Vol 35 (2008)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

A note on the GBS Bernstein’s approximation formula PDF
Dan Bărbosu, Ovidiu T. Pop 1-6
Some results on Lorentzian Beta-Kenmotsu manifolds PDF
N. S. Basavarajappa, C. S. Bagewadi, D. G. Prakasha 7-14
Features selection approach for non-invasive evaluation of liver fibrosis PDF
Smaranda Belciug, Monica Lupsor, Radu Badea 15-20
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for Some Nonlocal Diffusion Problems PDF
Theodore K. Boni, Firmin K. N'gohisse 21-31
Entire large solutions for logistic-type equations PDF
Maria Magdalena Boureanu 32-40
A completeness theorem for three-valued temporalpredicate logic PDF
Carmen Chirita 41-53
Similarity Lukasiewicz-Moisil algebras PDF
Florentina Chirtes 54-75
On the integral form of the triangle inequality PDF
Raluca Ciurcea 76-77
Continuous family of eigenvalues concentrating in a small neighborhood at the right of the origin for a class of discrete boundary value problems PDF
Nicusor Costea 78-86
Convex Functions on Time Scales PDF
Cristian Dinu 87-96
3D Steganography Models PDF
Mihai Dupac, Nicolae Constantinescu 97-102
On A Generalization of Slight Continuity PDF
Erdal Ekici 103-111
Neural network-based approach to discriminate healthy people from those with Parkinson's disease PDF
Marius Ene 112-116
About Bernstein polynomials PDF
Mircea D. Farcas 117-121
Sublinear convection elliptic equations with singular nonlinearity PDF
Irinel Firoiu 122-129
On the Darboux Property in the Multivalued Case PDF
Alina Gavrilut, Anca Croitoru 130-138
A Mobile Agent Virtual Reality Modeling of Searching Robots PDF
Claudiu Popirlan, Mihai Dupac 139-148
An Extension of Inheritance Knowledge Bases and Computational Properties of their Answer Functions PDF
Claudiu Popirlan, Nicolae Tandareanu 149-170
Path-based Reasoning in Semantic Schemas PDF
Nicolae Tandareanu, Mihaela Ghindeanu 171-181
The Multiple Zeta Function and the Computation of Some Integrals in Compact Form PDF
Radu Octavian Vilceanu 182-198
On the lattice of deductive systems of a residuated lattice PDF
Dana Piciu, Antoaneta Jeflea, Raluca Cretan 199-210