Vol 32 (2005)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

Asymptotic behavior of large solutions of elliptic equations PDF
Catherine Bandle 1-8
Homogeneisation et piezoelectricite. Aide a la conception d'un bio-materiau PDF
Marius Ghergu, Georges Griso, Beatrice Labat, Houari Mechkour, Bernadette Miara, Eduard Rohan, Mustapha Zidi 9-15
Ondes hydrodynamiques amorties PDF
Olivier Goubet 16-25
Existence results for a class of inequality problems with p-Laplacian PDF
Petru Jebelean 26-38
An elementary argument regarding the long-time behaviour of the solution to a stochastic differential equation PDF
Benjamin Jourdain, Claude Le Bris, Tony Lelievre 39-47
Approximate controllability of a semi-discrete 1-D wave equation PDF
Sorin Micu, Marius Tucsnak 48-58
Existence and localization results for semi-linear problems PDF
Radu Precup 59-66
Modelisation mathematique en Mecanique du Contact PDF
Mircea Sofonea 67-74
A sandwich theorem for functions defined on unbounded finite-simplicial sets, some inequalities and the moment problem PDF
Calin Ambrozie, Octav Olteanu 75-82
Numerical analysis of a viscoelastic contact problem PDF
Angel Rodriguez-Aros, Mircea Sofonea, Juan Manuel Viano 83-90
On the valuation of American options PDF
Lori Badea 91-97
Une modalite d'eviter les tables des centiles dans le cas des regions de confiance et des tests statistiques PDF
Daniel Ciuiu 98-105
Sur les proprietes physiques homogeneisees d'une paroi osseuse PDF
Jean-Marie Crolet, Mihaela Racila 106-111
Results on multi-layer age-structured diffusion PDF
Caterina Cusulin 112-125
A binomial tree approach to stochastic volatility driven model of the stock price PDF
Ionut Florescu, Frederi Viens 126-142
Bifurcations and asymptotics for singular elliptic problems PDF
Marius Ghergu 143-149
Optimality conditions in multiobjective control problems with generalized invexity PDF
Sorina Gramatovici 150-157
Optimization techniques in landslides modelling PDF
Riad Hassani, Ioan R. Ionescu, Thomas Lachand-Robert 158-169
On strong ergodicity of iterated function systems, with applications to time series models PDF
Ulrich Herkenrath, Andreas Rudolph 170-178
Creep formulation of a bilateral contact problem with friction PDF
Thierry-Vincent , , and Hoarau-Mantel, Angel Rodriguez-Aros, Juan Manuel Viano 179-187
An identification problem PDF
Gabriela Marinoschi 188-199
Problemes antiplans de contact avec frottement pour des materiaux viscoelastiques a memoire longue PDF
Andaluzia Matei, Thierry-Vincent Hoarau-Mantel 200-206
On the extension of Longstaff and Evans-Keef-Okunev models related to the pricing of zero-coupon bonds PDF
Romeo Negrea 207-213
On Schur inequality and Schur functions PDF
Marius Radulescu, Sorin Radulescu, Petrus Alexandrescu 214-220
Refinement of convergence rates for tail probabilities PDF
Aurel Spataru 221-226
Stability for damped oscillators PDF
Cristian Vladimirescu 227-232