Vol 33 (2006)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

Interpolation of compact non-linear operators on Banach triples PDF
Nicolae Cofan, Ilie Stan 1-7
Fuzzy associative I-ideals of IS-algebras with t-norms PDF
Muhammad Akram, Karamat Hussain Dar 8-15
Set-valued integration in seminorm. I PDF
Anca Croitoru, Christiane Godet Thobie 16-25
Closure operators and Galois connections in categories of modules PDF
Alexandru Dinca 26-32
Particle-based Magnetohydrodynamics Modeling and Visualization: Part I - Theoretical Model PDF
Mihai Dupac 33-43
Particle-based Magnetohydrodynamics Modeling and Visualization: Part II - Numerical Simulation PDF
Mihai Dupac 44-53
Solving some special functional equations by a general geometrical method PDF
Alina Olteanu, Octav Olteanu
Metrics for Sets of Atoms and Logic Programs PDF
Mircea Preda 67-78
Correspondence between Different Types Of Quadratic Differentials PDF
Monica Rosiu, Peter Kessler 79-86
Combining Color and Shape Features for Efficient Indexing and Image Retrieval PDF
Maria Magdalena Ruxanda 87-93
A frictionless contact problem with adhesion and damage PDF
Lynda Selmani, Lamia Chouchane 94-107
Entropy solutions of a stationary problem associated to a nonlinear parabolic strongly degenerate problem in one space dimension PDF
Stanislas Ouaro 108-131
Elitist Generational Genetic Chromodynamics as a Learning Classifier System PDF
Catalin Stoean, D. Dumitrescu 132-140
Linear Evolutionary Support Vector Machines for Separable Training Data PDF
Ruxandra Stoean, D. Dumitrescu 141-146
Properties of derivations in a Semantic Schema PDF
Nicolae Tandareanu, Mihaela Ghindeanu 147-153
Regular graphs in which every pair of points is missed by some longest cycle PDF
Boris Schauerte, Carol Zamfirescu 154-173
On the lattice of congruence fillters of a residuated lattice PDF
Raluca Cretan, Antoaneta Jeflea 174-188
Classes of residuated lattices PDF
Lavinia Corina Ciungu 189-207
On g-Semi-Homeomorphism in Topological Spaces PDF
Neelamegarajan Rajesh, Erdal Ekici, Mariam Lellis Thivagar 208-215
On Some properties of fractionnal Sobolev Spaces PDF
Jean Francois Raman 216-226
On Endomorphisms of BCH-Algebras PDF
Karamat Hussain Dar, Muhammad Akram 227-234
On Subclasses of K(G)-algebras PDF
Karamat Hussain Dar, Muhammad Akram 235-240
Numerical Study of the Succession of Attractors in the Periodically Forced Rayleigh System PDF
Petre Bazavan 241-250