Vol 39, No 2 (2012)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

An everyday strategy analysed via Control Theory PDF
Jesus Ildefonso Diaz, Iván Moyano 121-124
On the number of fixed points of a Boolean transformation PDF
Sergiu Rudeanu 125-131
Sharp integral inequalities based on general three-point formula via an PDF
Josip Pecaric, Mihaela Ribicic Penava 132-147
Entropy solution to an elliptic problem with nonlinear boundary conditions PDF
Stanislas Ouaro, Arouna Ouedraogo 148-181
Uniqueness of strong solution for a 1D viscous bi-layer Shallow Water model PDF
Jean De Dieu Zabsonre, Adama Ouedraogo 182-190
Analytical approximate solutions of systems of algebraic-differential equations by Laplace homotopy analysis method PDF
Rahma Al-Masaeed, Husein Jaradat 191-199
Solving nonlinear fractional differential equation using a multi-step Laplace Adomian decomposition method PDF
Mohammad Al-Zurigat 200-210
Exact parametric solutions of the nonlinear Riccati ODE as well as of some relative classes of linear second order ODEs of variable coefficients PDF
Dimitrios E. Panayotounakos, Theodore I Zarmpoutis, Panayotis Sotiropoulos, Anastasios G. Kostogiannis 211-225
Statistical Convergence of Triple Sequences on Probabilistic Normed Space PDF
Ekrem Savaş, Ayhan Esi 226-236
Slant submanifolds of Lorentzian almost contact manifolds PDF
Khushwant Singh, Siraj Uddin, Satvinder Singh Bhatia, Meraj Ali Khan 237-243
Hilbert's integral inequality in whole plane with general homogeneous kernel PDF
Predrag Vuković 244-250
Approximate analytical solutions to the Bagley-Torvik equation by the Fractional Iteration Method PDF
Toufik Mekkaoui, Zakia Hammouch 251-256
Divisor of order k PDF
Nicusor Minculete 257-265
Prime Ideals in BCI and BCK-Algebras PDF
Rajab ali Borzooei, Omid Zahiri 266-276
Inequalities involving Mellin transform, integral mean, exponential and logarithmic mean PDF
Andrea Aglic Aljinovic 277-287
Durrmeyer operators of King-type PDF
Pop T. Ovidiu, Indrea D. Adrian, Braica Petru 288-298
Properties of the Closure Operator in Peano Algebras PDF
Nicolae Tandareanu, Irina Tudor (Preda) 299-308
Optimization of Gear Changing using Simulated Annealing PDF
Alexandru Becheru, Catalin Stoean 309-321
Running Hadoop applications in virtualization environment PDF
Mirel Cosulschi, Mihai Gabroveanu, Adriana Sbircea 322-333