Vol 37, No 2 (2010)

Annals of the University of Craiova - Mathematics and Computer Science Series

Table of Contents

Mathematics and Computer Science

On a class of automorphic loops PDF
Asma Sadia, Arshad Ali Khan, Karamat Hussain Dar 1-6
Algebraic properties of ω-trees (II) PDF
Nicolae Tandareanu, Cristina Zamfir 7-17
Degree preservation for the p-Laplace operator and applications PDF
Lotfi Lassoued, Ali Maalaoui 18-26
A two stage decision model for breast cancer detection PDF
Smaranda Belciug 27-37
On a weaker form of ω-continuity PDF
Erdal Ekici, S. Jafari, S. P. Moshokoa 38-46
On some groups related to the Braid Groups of type A PDF
Gefry Barad 47-61
Factorization of an inheritance knowledge base (I) PDF
Nicolae Tandareanu, Claudiu-Ionut Popirlan 62-74
On strong IS-algebras PDF
Ali Hasan Handam 75-82
Authentication protocol based on ellipitc curve cryptography PDF
Nicolae Constantinescu 83-91
Two examples of weighted majorization PDF
Anne-Marie Burtea 92-99
Point convexity PDF
Flavia-Corina Minuta 100-105
On the weak stability of Picard iteration for some contractive type mappings PDF
Ioana Timis 106-114